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Mysterious Glastonbury Legends

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Glastonbury is a 1 full day private car tour from London situated in the County of Somerset. It is a pretty town that has been inhabited since the Neolithic times, a period also known as the last part of the Stone Age. The area has a long and ancient history that has been associated with the Druids, a spiritual centre and the place has mythical appeal to people of all religions and cults.

Glastonbury History

Glastonbury legend alluded to Joseph of Arimatheia , who after the Crucifixion claimed the body of Jesus from Pilate. He came to Britain with other disciples and founded the first British church at Glastonbury and the Thorn offshoots is said to flower every Christmas. Joseph appear to have brought the Chalice Cup or Holy Grail. He, and some say the Virgin Mary, is said to be buried there, along with the Grail featured in legends of King Arthur.

Mysterious Glastonbury

The mythical aspect of Glastonbury does not only come from Joseph of Arimethea, who was said to have prepared Christ’s body for burial after the Crucifixion in Glastonbury and to have established the first Christian church in England, but also legends of King Arthur going there on a quest to find the Holy Grail.

Glastonbury Abbey is said to be the oldest Christian monastery in England and the burial place of King Arthur. Legend has it that two monks discovered two stone markers and a giant coffin along with a tablet identifying that the remains were those of King Arthur. His wife Queen Guinevere and Sir Lancelot (her lover), form the most celebrated love-triangle in literature.

From her origins, Guinevere's presence (and non-presence by abduction) runs strong throughout mainstream Arthurian legends including King Arthur returning Excalibur to the lake, the sword made on the Isle of Avalon after the mortal wounding of King Arthur at Camlann.

Glastonbury is a favorite place for many ancient festivals which include Celtic May Day festivities to present day New Age Music Festivals.

Glastonbury has many small shops containing crystal bowls, charms, chalice, relaxing music, a haven for mineral collectors and new-age enthusiasts alike run by knowledgeable people dedicated to those who love the organic and spiritual path, whatever it may be.
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