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British Museum and National Gallery Tour

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Ramesis IIHighlights of the Great National and International Medieval Master Painters from the 13th. Century to the Pre-Raphaelite Period.

Your tour guide will explore with you the changing attitudes of collectors and curators through the centuries to the patination of antique bronzes from all over the ancient world. Hear the unfolding of the fascinating origin of the the Assyrian Temples, i.e. Mesopotamia: the foundations of western civilization were laid by the ancient societies which flourished in Mesopotamia, a land known as the 'fertile crescent', through which flow the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This area saw some of the earliest experiments in agriculture and irrigation, the invention of writing, the birth of mathematics and the development of urban life.

A stop in front of the unique Rosetta Stone and unravel the mistery of the Egyptian Mummies.
British Museum London Bringing to life the Elgin Marbles and the Greek civilisation.
Stare in complete amazement at the best Roman