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London For Children: IMAX Cinema
London Dungeon & London Aquarium

Entrance fees not included

IMAX Multidimentional Cinema IMAX Multidimentional Cinema

Contained within a glass-enclosed cylinder seven storeys tall with a stunning mural by Howard Hodgkin around the outside, is the BFI London Imax Cinema. With the most advanced 2D/3D projection system in the world, and the largest screen in the UK, you will be taken on journeys to other worlds, fly above the earth, and dive into the deepest oceanThe IMAX system uses a special 70mm film to produce dramatically large images and 3D presentations along with conventional projection technology. The building also utilises state of the art construction technology, the entire upper superstructure sits on anti-vibration bearings to prevent the transfer of noise from an existing London Underground train line below. The development will play a major role in the regeneration of the area between the South Bank and Waterloo Station including the transformation of the notorious Bullring pedestrian subway system. The building is raised above the public plaza to create a lively, landscaped pedestrian thoroughfare for shops and cafes in addition to the cinema foyer.

London Dungeon MuseumLondon Dungeon

Pain, horror, death! All are on show at the London Dungeon, and visitors love it. What is it about the human condition that attracts us to this dark side of our existence? Who knows, but this attraction sees visitors from around the world. Amid the dark, dank festering maze that is the dungeon you will be taken through scenes of torture, judged in the mock courtroom, and chased by Jack the Ripper. (Not suitable to very young children)

London AquariumLondon Aquarium

Displayed in tanks from floor to ceiling, the London Aquarium is home to hundreds of different fish and sea life from around the world. Watch the large sharks that glide silently between giant sunken Easter Island heads, and stroke the stingrays in the Discovery Zone, a thrill for CHILDREN of all ages.

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