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London Half Term Pastime For 11 Years Old Children

London for children Ref. 003E. No maximum and no minimum number required in group for each walking tour.

Displays the cutting edge of technology of yesterday, today and the High-Tech Future. This is a fascinating and entertaining walking tour that has many hands-on quizzes, exhibits, hidden and mysterious adventures to be discovered making it very popular with children. The original idea came from trying to keep their attention focused during long spell of Half Terms Holidays with the family.

Designed to highlight close friendship and original ways to win new friends and ... it is all FREE.

Technology and Discovery hidden in useful computer based alternatives in trying to disrupt the current status quo. A mixture of entertainment for children.

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Discover free hidden and mysterious walks created to share and celebrate the rich variety of outdoor and indoor world adventures life can offer with your friends using your family's Smartphone for these self-guided walks around London.

They challenge children to answer some enclosed quizzes. Who does not love this New Year walk in such a rare mild winter?

Fresh air and exercise, after chocolate and Christmas Pudding, is a blessing in disguise.

So, follow us and we will guarantee a full day of success and happiness.

Lets start by meeting each other under the sound of the Big Ben in front of the New Scotland Yard HQ.

Did you find it?

Now face the river ------ on either sides of the London Panoramic Wheel which is sandwiched between two bridges; choose the bridge so much loved by Harry Potter. -----------

Did you find it?

Cross over by passing on the left the statue of Bodicea on her Chariot. She furiously burnt London in protest at the Romans who confiscated her property. You reach the South Bank and you will pass on the left a mistery huge statue of a lion which unique light coloured stone formula is lost.

Did you find it?

Walk down the steps passing inviting souvenir stalls and eatery places. Too early to stop, so keep walking to the next bridge which you cross to reach the railway station on the North Side of London; then follow the sign all the way to Trafalgar Square. Pass Nelson's column and go inside the enormous gallery dominating the square with its façade and dome.

Did you find it?

Inside, by now you reach the basement for a breack, a place to eat your packed lunch, free services to refresh yourselves and relax admiring the glorous paintings, fabulous architectural distractions or mingling with the international crowd.

To complete the day, before returning to the nearby starting point, there is nothing better than walk out of the gallery, carry on across --------- Square through the --------- two arches and head into ----- ----- Park to feed the squirrels and the pellicans with the leftovers of your meal, near the Hansel and Gretel looking miniature cottage overlooking the lake.

Did you find it?

Make sure you do it from the middle of the pedestrian bridge in order to get the best view of the fish scrambling for your last remaining food. A great place to say goodby to the Queen from the playground nearby.

Did you find it?

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