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Exploring the South West Coast of Britain.

Cornwall 5 days tour: The Land of King Arthur

Cornwall is almost completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The tide is high and frightening in its rapid movement.

This has made Cornwall a land of sailors, fishermen and smugglers, as well as a tourist area par excellence.

The countries of the South coast, sheltered from the winds and storm surges, are invaded by tourists and vacationers.

The Cornwall of the North Coast, from Minehead to Land's End, are the most beautiful, uncrowded and most inaccessible areas. They inspired many poets and writers such as Agatha Christie

Cornwall is also, according to the legend, the land of King Arthur, and many in this region are the places linked to his life and business.

St Ives is one of the most beautiful towns in Cornwall. Narrow streets and colored by many vases of flowers, a Museum and gift shops. Located on the North coast of Cornwall, overlooking the ocean, charming place where sea, land and air meet, with results truly epic.

Tintagel, a place of legends, but also recent archaeological findings, there are the ruins of the Castle considered the birthplace of mythical King Arthur. Surrounded by a romantic atmosphere, surrounded by a picturesque background of grassy cliffs sloping up to the ocean, forming caves and small creeks.

From the ruins of the Castle, a steep staircase leads to the underlying quarry of Merlin. From the cave, Merlin (if there is low tide), you can reach the rocky beach on the opposite side and admire the small but spectacular waterfall, which drops to the precipice by cliffs.

King Arthur was the fruit of sin of Uther Pendragon, assisted by the magic of Merlin, and assumed the guise of the Duke of Cornwall and devised together with the beautiful Igraine, wife of Duke.

The road is unpaved and can only reach the ruins of the Castle after an exhausting but rewarding hike surrounded by greenery.

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