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Cultural London & Great Britain

London is one of the world's crucibles of culture. Its energy and cosmopolitanism have combined with its great traditions in architecture, galleries, museums, concert halls, sporting activity, art and leisure centres, historic buildings, monuments, cinemas, dance and literature, to make London the most vibrant Metropolis.

London culture flexibility and strategy lead to regeneration of many areas. Urban developments originally followed economic growth and currently growth is continuing in spite of the stagnant global economic climate.

The Culture Tour of London delights in taking in the city's incredible atmosphere and its high profile on the world stage. To blend Heritage with modernism, to maintain the capital's status as one of the great world cities for culture and creativity, to inform about places open late for events. All manners of artistic expression is encouraged, in the knowledge that culture is not just an add-on to the necessity of modern life.

Cultural opportunity can define a sense of place. London is key in providing both visitors and Londoners alike, the enjoyment of participating in the capitalís rich variety. London is the top visitor destination for culture across the world. Frequent indoor and outdoor events take place in London for the promotion of art and culture, to foster and encourage the best creative artists, designers, producers and to make life as easy as possible for the large and economically important creative industries.

London is the greatest show on earth and leave a lasting culture legacy for future generations. Culture is the reason why so many tourists chose to come to London. Throughout the world, London is famous for its cultural institutions and its capacity for nurturing new talent and innovation. Londonís museums and galleries presentation attract millions of international visitors each year.

Londonís theatres have an enthusiastic global audience. Live music events take place in many venues and attract especially young people from across Europe and beyond.

London cultural life is attracting business as well, not only overseas clients and buyers, but also an audience with a wider global focus on developing overseas markets and as an effective and enjoyable place to do business.


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