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Diary of a London Tour Guide

London Tour Guides offer many different walking tours in London. Examples of tour guides walks include places such as: 'Royal London' 'Women in Westminster' 'Ghosts and pub tours' 'London Villages' 'Sherlock Holmes' 'Shakespeare's London' 'Jack the Ripper' 'Contemporary London Architecture' and many more.

View of a tour guide while working London tour guides are very enthusiastic about London. They lecture in many museums, art galleries and are permitted to take visitors inside a variety of historic places such as: the Houses of Parliament, Docklands, Somerset House, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London.

Meeting people from all over the world, tour guides are also quite at ease with the most frivolous anecdotes of London.

private Car Tours in England Many tour guides speak foreign languages and are trained to conduct tours in specialised subjects. While a holiday is a wonderful short time experience that most people treasure for many years, a tour guide accululate these amazing moments day after day.

Tour Guides are also well informed on the current London EVENTS:

Tour Guide LecturerBritish Museum: special events from the world of Ancient Persia to special events including films, music, guest lectures and workshops of the British Museum which was founded thanks to a priceless private collection of Sir Hans Sloane donated to the Nation. This is the premier museum of its type in Britain. it contains some of the greatest global archaeological masterpieces, all presented with imagination and wonderful details.

Other tours: London Docklands Urban change after Olympics 2012

Tour of Docklands London A new city has risen from the ruins of the unused parts of the Port of London. Docklands has been growing to become as big as old London itself. Follow your tour guide tracing back the intricate past and comparing it with the contemporary look. A stunning change, surprising and rewarding experience. Should that not be enough, the evening Pub tour walks you through the Whitechapel area of London, once the haunt of Jack the Ripper and now the trendy and vibrant East of London.

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