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Many different sectors need multilingual experts for many uses such as: International Companies who could have a base in London without committing to a full expense of a branch abroad.

Corporate Meetings Business companies have a base on which to operate and organize international conventions, trade fairs, conferences and exhibitions in the UK.

Leisure and Business London Organising Full London Inclusive Travel and Business Events such as: Business Development, Expanding Companies' Network, High Level Customer Contact, Marketing, Preparing Reviews, Lecturers and Leisure Touring.

 London Exhibitions Their multilingual service is based on a day or hours need and can be very good value for anybody who need occasional help.

Many Lecturers and interpreters are conversant in business as well as his/her command of commerce and languages.
This ensure maximum efficiency for clients.
They are experienced in conducting tours and/or administration work.

Tour guide lecturing a group Overseas visitors benefit in time and energy saving by having a professional with local London experience in a wide range of subjects who has many contacts at the clients disposal.

This knowledge provide a vital advantage for clients coming to London, especially in the first few days of arriving in the UK!
The Corporate department has experience in negotiating London Events prices for tours and hotels. Online Confirmation Direct Link Fees Below.

Price: Tour Guide or Interpreters Full Day £ No Book »

Price: Tour Guide or Interpreter Half Day £ No Book »

Price: Tour Guide+Foreign Coach Half Day £ No Book »

Private Airport Transfers

Price: Half day Exhibition & VIP Business : £ No Book »

Price: Driver Guide with large car Half Day £ No Book »

From airport arrival, multilingual VIP service to final destination

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References: CareFree Multilingual Interpreters & Tour Guides are recommended by many institutions for the quality of their work.